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collection 2023

errare humanum est

perseverare autem idabolicum

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credentials theft

pay attention

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in the dark?

Prevent, don't risk

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malfunctioning pc or user's fault ?

solve device inefficiency

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pay attention to the e-mail!

don't fall for the trap

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don't let your PC be exploited

find out what 'malicious cryptomining' means

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what are your habits? what do you like?

find out how useful information is collected

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malware that takes your PC hostage

how to defend yourself?

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systems under attack ?

how to minimise risks

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elaborate before disclosing

make sure the information is reliable

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domino effect

find out how to prevent coordinated attacks

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we cannot avoid them...

... but let's not be caught unprepared

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read passwords with heat?

how to deal with this new threat

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spying 2.0

how criminals get into our homes (or rather our PCs)

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